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Truly Tafakari is a lifestyle and social commentary blog that celebrates the beauty and brilliance of Black culture. It is one part the art of storytelling and two parts keeping it real. Black with a capital B. Woke with a sense of humor. If you like some smarts with your funny, then you’re family here.  

How do you pronounce “Tafakari?”

Who is dara tafakari?

I’m a recovering over-thinker and self-professed word nerd with an endless love for Black cultures and plantain.

When I’m not writing at Truly Tafakari, you can catch me writing all over the internet for different outlets like The Root, SheKnows, Very Smart Brothas, and the New York Times. I love collaborating with different platforms! Click here if you want to check out my prior work as a freelance writer.

This Florida girl lives in Southern Maryland with a handsome scientist, two magical Black girls born on the same day (four years apart), and a yappy black dog.

Commenting policy

Punks jump up to get beat down. Seriously. Free speech is so the government can’t lock you up for your terrible opinion–I, however, tolerate no invective in my comments, no -isms, and no trolling. Dissenting views are always, always, welcome, but please be respectful and act like your mother gave you home training, even if she did not. Merci beaucoup.

Guest blogging and advertising

If you are interested in being a guest blogger at Truly Tafakari, please feel free to peruse my archives to determine if your writing would be a good fit. You can send me requests for guest posts and advertisements via the Contact page.

On faith and friendliness

While this blog will not center on my walk with faith, I am a Christian. In keeping with my views on tolerance, this blog will remain friendly and open to people of all faiths, those who identify otherwise, and pretty much any human being walking the planet, except Tom Brady. I reserve the right to talk about faith occasionally, as it is an important part of my life, but I will always do so with great respect for my readers.

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TrulyTafakari is a one-woman operation with a human behind it (me!) who takes your privacy very seriously and will only use the information you provide to deliver the content, products, or services you opt-in for.  The contact and subscription forms on this site are tailored to collect your name (if you provide it) and your email address for communication purposes only. However, from time-to-time, I may contact you to advise you of new contents, products, or services I may offer. TrulyTafakari does not and will never share your data or information with any other organization or entity. You may unsubscribe from this blog or any newsletter associated with it at any time, but I’d hate to see you go!